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United States
08/16/2018 11:27 AM
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I know a woman who runs a small home for wealthy seniors. It is her private residence that is almost mansion like in size. These elderly folks all come from prominent local families. At any given time she'll care for 6 to 10 clients.

Hospice is a permanent presence in her home.

I am told that Hospice will basically kill patients there. Once the patient has pain they will administer morphine and continually up the dosage over a week or two until the patient stops breathing. Hospice has tried to get my acquaintance to participate in administering the morphine death, but she refuses. They do it themselves anyway.

I have been involved with Hospice for one of my family members. I thought they were a great help and personally have nothing but praise for their help.

But I believe my friend that they do this to her clients.

User ID: 75988672
United States
08/16/2018 11:48 AM
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Re: Hospice
There is so much validity in this. Hospice uses morphine and to take away the pain and it does kill you. They have complete control. When they decide it is time for hospice you can expect your loved one to be out of it and the only time you can communicate is prior to their next dose of morphine. It is usually not a warm and fuzzy last week like it is made out to be. Great that it keeps you out of the hospital. Poorly monitored and you have to be there and be pro active to make sure your loved one is being cared for properly. If you have any chance of recovery you will not once they put in hospice as that is how it is set up in the majority of cases.