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CDAN Blind: Trading Stolen Auto Parts for $$$$$$ Cartel Drugs, Also Venezuela, Hezbollah & Obama Linked

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08/17/2018 11:52 AM
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CDAN Blind: Trading Stolen Auto Parts for $$$$$$ Cartel Drugs, Also Venezuela, Hezbollah & Obama Linked
[link to www.crazydaysandnights.net]


Blind Item #7
According to a "source familiar with the investigation." the way the thing works, is this company has employees who trade stolen auto parts for drugs from a cartel.

We are not talking about a couple thousand bucks here but millions and millions of dollars.

It would not shock me at all if the CEO was involved. One of his personalities probably thinks of himself as a Pablo Escobar/El Chapo/Tony Montana (using a different instrument of war than a machine gun) type.

It would all seem to be kind of a full circle thing if you think about it, and how another CEO went down back in the day.

Extremely Informative Comments follow:

Some other things the Cabal generally does not appreciate being advertised, deals made by certain previous administrations with certain cartels, and the Hezbollah presence in Venezuela.

How about Cyberpunk neo-Jesuit Comanchero Muskfic, "E-Pirates of the Llano Estacado"

Just like John Delorean
Think Zemeckis used the Delorean for no reason at all? Ahaaaa-ha
What is "Back to the Future" Really About? - Part 1
[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Musk - Tesla

The SEC investigation

What happened to Solar City? No one talks about that one anymore.

[link to www.usatoday.com (secure)]

This is already being reported.

"Hansen is a retired special agent and criminal investigator for the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command and former senior investigator in Southern California for the Federal Maritime Commission, Meissner said."

This is about the gigabyte factory in Storey County NV and a whistle blower who brought the allegations of drug dealing and copper theft at the factory. Also claims the Tesla model 3 was shipped with defective batteries, and with full knowledge of Tesla that the batteries were nfg. Drudge had a story on it yesterday.

Remember that Blind about that other famous CEO who likes the teen boys at his foreign factories? We got one big CDAN Blind about that CEO.

An in-depth article about it. [link to techcrunch.com (secure)]

Wall St Jews has been after Elon for the past year. He's erratic, likes whores, and does too much cokenselling He had that crazy bitch Azealia Banks over for the weekend to do a threesome with his current whore for hire, now THAT was a bad decision.

Crazy! You can't make this shit up. An in-depth article about it. [link to techcrunch.com (secure)]

Musk put himself out there as a Silicon Valley celebrity, happily sharing his opinion on all things tech which made him an idol to many people in that sector and made his companies household names. That's why there's a lot more interest in his wrongdoings than in those of some CEO no one's ever heard of. It's not complicated.

Sacramento has been taken over by ISIS and
Nevada is the new Mexico.

A billionaire who wants azaliea banks for a 3some is not to be trusted.

Tesla was informed of a DEA investigation and they are hiding that from the SEC. The DEA has said in no uncertain terms that under no circumstances would they inform Tesla of an active investigation. So that’s that.

The other ‘Tesla whistleblower’ just tweeted all his lack lustre evidence, had his lawyer claim he was hacked, claimed his account was suspended, had his lawyer try and get reporters to delete screenshots of his tweets, admitted he wasn’t hacked or suspended, and then blamed Elon Musk for driving him to torpedo his own case.

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