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Message Subject Pentagon report concludes that china is training to attack usa
Poster Handle Roobit
Post Content
China has invasion aspirations but not invading the US. Taiwan and Vietnam and maybe Philippines.

Russia is the country that is going to invade us. If anyone.
 Quoting: El Pato

And just why would they do that. Sure, things have been a little tense between us at times. But Russia/Putin also knows about the globalists and deep state as well. He is well aware of how wide and far reaching the corruption in our government is. If anyone would know that, he would. After all, that is in part what caused the Soviet Union to collapse.

But then again, CNN said it so its got to be true, right?

But, lest we forget. In every major world wide conflict, what two countries always seem to put aside their differences for the greater good and common interests? Yep, you guessed it. The US and Russia.

In fact, if Russia were to attack anyone. It would likely be the UK before the US.
 Quoting: BrokenTech

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