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Message Subject Cohen lawyer: Trump press conference with Putin was a 'turning point' in decision to flip
Poster Handle Nobuddy
Post Content
Enough with this 'Deep State vs. Patriot' Mega-MAGA Twitter-fest.. Cohen wants to flip fine any of them can flip but MSNBC is not where you give your statement.

There's more then enough legal degrees involved to know that 'Twitter' is not where you hold an independent inquiry, CNN is not the Supreme Court & 'Q-Anon' is not a Special Prosecutor..

Stop the Insanity.. arrest them now & place a 'Gag-Order' on their twitter feeds, before the whole 'swamp' thing takes a big swirly & they all walk for lack of a 'fair trial'.

Helsinki was a major turning point.. as it sits they can all be 'extradited' to Russia for questioning with regards to 1.5 billion dollars worth of illegal wire-transfers.

You can bet Putin doesn't care about how many 're-tweets' that would get him.. but we know Lanny Davis cares about how many years that would get Cohen in a Russian prison.

Cohen needs to pack a bag & get back out on the tarmac with his 'friends' Clinton & Lynch.

Strange daze indeed.. blink
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