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Trump on Cohen flip: ‘One can make up something bad about me and go from 10yrs to national hero’


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08/24/2018 05:03 AM

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Trump on Cohen flip: ‘One can make up something bad about me and go from 10yrs to national hero’
US President Donald Trump has told Fox that his former lawyer Michael Cohen “flipped” on him because he “made a great deal,” and has also played down the idea that Cohen’s testimony will be harmful to his presidency.

In an interview that aired on Fox & Friends Thursday morning, Trump said that Cohen – who testified that he paid hush money at Trump’s direction to two women prior to the 2016 election – was not somebody who he spent a lot of time with and that the lawyer “didn’t do big deals” during the ten years that he was one of his legal representatives.

Asked by Ainsley Earhardt if it was true that he had directed Cohen to pay off the women in an effort to keep them quiet before the election, Trump said he only found out about the payments “later on” and stressed that the money had not come out of campaign funds, which, he admitted, would be a “much bigger thing.”

Trump claimed the reason Cohen had flipped on him was because he had “made a great deal” to lessen his sentence for other financial crimes, including bank fraud and tax evasion – a phenomenon the President said “almost ought to be illegal.”

[link to www.rt.com (secure)]

It opens the door for other prosecutions now though.

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And Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.