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Message Subject NORAD sits on the site of NIKOLA TESLA'S old laboratory!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Colorado Springs and the surrounding area has a kinda weird history.

Manitou Springs (a Cos. Spgs. suburb) used to be considered the devil worshipping capitol of the world because Anton LaVey lived there during the time he wrote the Satanic Bible, and he continued to keep a residence there until his death in 1997.

And in a twist of synchronicity, the headquarters of several religious groups is in Colorado Springs, like Focus on the Family and New Life Church, which Ted Haggerty (the minister who made headlines recently for being caught in a homosexual sex and drug scandal) was the minister of.

The Garden of the Gods is in Colorado Springs and native americans consider it to be a sacred spiritual place. Indian shamen believe the geographic location around Cos. Springs is an energy grid that only exists in a few other places around the planet.
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