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Message Subject How many creators do we have on GLP?
Poster Handle DontTread
Post Content
This is a serious question.

What I create is reflected in my reality. It is also reflected in those realities who are the closest to me.

Powerful creators can see their reality reflected in others' realities not necessarily close to them. On a larger world scale.

As above so below

They set their thoughts in motion, then others help to perpetuate the original creators reality.

You can literally be whoever you want to be in this way.

You want to rule the world, you can, but it takes so much power and energy. It's just a matter of knowing how to direct it so that you get your outcome.

This is not taught, this is not done overnight. It takes years and years of practice to be a creator. We all have this ability. However, it also takes reaching deep inside of yourself and using that power to create. Then you must release that energy into the world and watch your creations materialize.

So again who is a creator here?

 Quoting: Serpent Maiden

Yeah i've done it, I totally get what you're talking about.
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