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Message Subject How many creators do we have on GLP?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Not sure if creator is the word I would use, but it works.

I've played a little with these concepts, some of which were actually taught in the MGM program in the 80's in the LA area. I've expanded on them quite a bit and found after using them often enough it doesn't even take effort to shape events around you. There are actually several ways I've discovered that work well enough to pursue. The easiest which isn't always that easy is to change yourself then you can shape the world around just by changing yourself. It really doesn't take much effort a lot of time, simply changing how you feel will change those around you. Another way is forming words with your thoughts and using images and emotions to enhance the meaning then focusing your will into a thought of a future you want. You won't move mountains but you can shape quite a bit of your reality. Because sometimes even small changes can have large influences on the world around us.

There is a lot more to it and it is a difficult skill to learn, just controlling emotions enough to change yourself alone can take years of practice. But I've found some of these tools make life much easier and are indispensable once you learn them.
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