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Message Subject Steve Bannon on Australia: "There's a lot of anger out there and I think that this anger can be harnessed."
Poster Handle Bearded Clam
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Unusually, that was a pretty balanced interview from the ABC. Bannon came out of it looking like less of the racist/nazi/babykiller/white man than I was sure they were going to present him as.

The various leftist fuckwittery have been bleating all over the reporter's twitter feed - [link to twitter.com (secure)]

I laughed when I saw Bannon referred to in one of the twitter comments as a "neo-nationalist"!

Hahahaha The Pinkos in Australia are now busily lumping nationalists in with neo-nazis and racists. Nicely done. Australian nationalists come in all flavours - I've met and worked with white, indigenous, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani and even Lebanese born Australians who are passionate Australian Nationalists.

He was dead right about the whole "if they can't win an argument they'll call you a racist" thing. It's in the playbook of the Australian commies. I've experienced it myself dozens of times. Since I've always taken people on their individual merits as I find them rather than on their race or religion, I'm probably the LEAST racist person out there - certainly less bigoted than the various lefttards who racially vilify ME for being a hardworking white Anglo heterosexual male.
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