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GLP Needs to Know This Info. . .

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United States
09/03/2018 04:54 AM
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GLP Needs to Know This Info. . .
[link to twitter.com (secure)]

1. Generic blood pressure pills made by Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceuticals in China contained NMDA, considered a possible carcinogen.
FDA is testing all drugs in that class to see if they contain the toxic chemical.
Who holds the Chinese company responsible?

2. The FDA inspects only a small number of the Chinese companies that manufacture U.S. drugs, and those it does inspect are often found to have serious health violations.

3. China has become the primary source of many crucial medical drugs, including penicillin, heparin, and medications essential for surgeries.

4. It’s unclear just how many drugs in the United States come from China, since many drug companies choose to keep their sourcing under wraps or fail to take due diligence in identifying the sources of their ingredients.

5. "If China cut its supplies Surgeries would be canceled, cancer treatments halted, kidney dialysis rationed. Infections would spread. Global reliance on China for drug manufacturing is already becoming a reality."

6. In the 1990s over 90% of the global Supply of key ingredients for medications were manufactured by United States, Europe and Japan. Now between 70 to 80% is manufactured by China.

7. Turns out this critical shift in the global supply chain came in the early 2000. Bill Clinton in the final year of his second term went into overdrive to pass legislation giving China permanent normal trade relations.

8. Bill Clinton said "This is a good day for America, in 10 years we will look back and be glad that we did this. We will see that we have given ourselves the chance to build a future we want"
Nope Bubba, you sold the country, and then kept selling some more.

9. China pressured U.S. companies to lobby on its behalf or face economic retribution. Companies that rebuffed Chinese government’s expectations risked being barred from investing, manufacturing, and selling their products in the country.

10. Just three years after the Clinton US China Relations Act of 2000, the US incurred a trade deficit with China to the tune of $124 billion.
Both NAFTA and the normalization of Chinese trade relations have had severe, far-reaching and terrible consequences.

11. Scores of politicians after Bill Clinton willfully crippled the US economy sending jobs elsewhere based either on the altruistic notion that it was liberating the Chinese people or because they were being lobbied by Chinese companies.

12. Rewinding even further to 1993, on May 28, 1993 Bill Clinton signed Executive Order 12850. This improper changed the way the U.S. made trade deals with China and led to the loss of tens of millions of American manufacturing jobs.
13. Clinton established a Democratic strategy for manipulating foreign policy that was copied by both Hillary while she was Secretary of state and when Obama was President.

14. With his 1993 Executive Order, Bill Clinton unconstitutionally seized control of China's most favored nation (MFN) conditions, removing it from the involvement of Congress.

15. Clinton’s Executive Order was issued at a time when the U.S.-China trade deficit was only $18 billion a year. In 2015 the deficit was $367 billion.

16. At the time China’s MFN status was annually up for review by Congress. The effective law was passed in 1974. What Bill Clinton did, with an EO, was to use “the authority vested in me as President” to rewrite a Congressionally approved treaty and change the terms.

17. This eliminated the power of Congress to approve the annual MFN status. President Clinton, in his 1993 statement, said this was necessary to avoid the “annual battles between Congress and the Executive” which was divisive.

18. The way he changed it is eerily similar to the way Hillary practiced State Department decisions when she was Secretary of State from 2009 to 2012.

19. Bill Clinton’s decision to send jobs to China by permanently controlling its MFN status has been linked to campaign donations. Boeing Company wanted the EO. Boeing was parent company of the Loral Corporation, which donated $100,000 to the DNC in June, 1994.

20. In 2001 Boeing got a $63 million dollar incentive “deal” from the Democratic mayor of Chicago to relocate its headquarters there. These incentives were paid for, by the middle-class and taxpayers who will have to make up that $63 million.

21. What was previously a metaphorical poisoning of America by politicians hellbent on destroying this country has now turned out to be an actual poisoning of its citizens driven by greed, avarice and malevolence.

22. Let me take this time to remind you that the Chinese are working overtime to develop multiple different synthetic drugs in their labs to flood the US market. Fentanyl and its myriad analogs are unbelievably potent.

23. Past is prologue, the Chinese hack of Hillary's private server is unlikely to be simply a hack based upon the history of Clinton's slow and methodical destruction of Americana.
Envenomation of American politics has spilled to her people.Rising serpent added,
Rising serpent

If Hillary became president, China would rule by proxy
The Chinese own a set of all emails on her private server. They had a ringside seat into governmental dealings, they read Obama's emails to Hillary.
They were in a position to Blackmail Hillary.…

24. This should also provide excellent context for people wondering why @realDonaldTrump keeps hammering China & NAFTA. He has watched the deliberate destruction of America in real time. The cure to what ails us involves caging the beasts willfully unleashed upon the people.

The Chinese want us to die. Why would we buy anything pharmaceutical or anything in the food or toy industry from them?

I don’t understand why we get drugs from China? I’ve see the sanitary conditions in China - not good

@SharylAttkisson did a segment on pharmaceutical outsourcing and the actual national security implications. You can find it on Full Measure News online.

@XHNews what's the official party line on contaminated Chinese drugs? Changchun Changsheng Life Sciences Limited was just caught selling bad DPT vaccines. Why should consumers trust Chinese pharmaceuticals?

There have been many a report of adulterated Chinese products, including those intentionally poisoned to eliminate a business competitor, including poisoning children's snacks, killing some of the children.

In China, not here.

The more I learn, the better I understand that Russia is peanuts. China is the bogeyman.

Of course...designed to purge and make money off of the ill. Demonic

Hola you can read it here: Thread by @rising_serpent: "1. Generic blood pressure pills made by Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceuticals in China contained NMDA, considered a possible c […]" [link to threadreaderapp.com (secure)] …
See you soon.

This is another example of America needing things like pills made here in America... Not from China, a country that we cannot trust. If China poisons our pet food then why would we trust them with medicine??

But..... somehow.... these pills were initially tested and went through all the rigorous reviews by the FDA.... makes ya wonder

Clinton gave satellite guidance technology to China and nuclear reactors to N Korea.

@threadreaderapp unroll this please

Hola there is your unroll: Thread by @rising_serpent: "1. Generic blood pressure pills made by Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceuticals in China contained NMDA, considered a possible c […]" [link to threadreaderapp.com (secure)] …
See you soon.

This is another National Security issue. Thanks for the heads up.

So that's why my pharmacy called and had me check my pills and describe them to them.

It’s time to start making all drugs in America fir Americans and a very affordable price. There is no reason to import them and there is absolutely no reason to be ripped off by our companies in this country. So needs to be fixed.

Purposely giving us cancer so we need more drugs from China! I literally hate what our government has done to us. I pray @POTUS has enough time to fix this and lock up all the traitors! This is scary!

Knowing honest politicians lives were at stake, why couldn’t they have “leaked” info to stop this? Afraid of being caught I guess

Outstanding thread with implications not only for American pharmaceuticals but also for "American" products as a whole.
Well worth the read to better understand PDJT's views on trade and what the UniParty has done to Americans over the past 2 decades.

Great work! It's amazing how many dots connect when reviewing their EOs, Bills, and Acts isn't it? And, how far back their strategy often goes. This is good info. Thanks for sharing.

my personal physician warned me about this several years ago. most American doctors are well aware of the problems with foreign manufactured pharmaceuticals.

I had no idea my blood pressure rx was made in China until it was under recall. I did some research to see exactly where our rx's came from and to my surprise, the answer is you'll never know. Seems most manufacturers use overseas plants for cost savings.

No meds should b used in USA from China or India. Few yrs ago India meds had glass in them.....

China pays off our career politicians to do what they want..
Ask why no one exposes them but President Trump & I ??
If you are going to put chemicals in your body, make damn sure they weren't made in China.

Whoever is responsible for this menace should be brought to Justice even the ex - Presidents. Basically it's our fault to rely on China for everything they are known as duplicators starting from veggies to industrial requirements.

my son, who is studying to become a Mechanical engineer, noticed that the Walmart silverware was leaving a grey metallic streak in the butter, and paper towels, even after vigorously washing and scrubbing them.

This may be toxic. don't know, but it can't be good

I have so many patients on it. They are really pissed. I will check where any meds I may take are made, and refuse to accept any from China. I don't buy anything made by China if I can help it.

I could never understand why any country would allow drugs to be made outside of their country !
Just for security reasons.
Because you never know !

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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 2876001
United States
09/03/2018 04:57 AM
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Re: GLP Needs to Know This Info. . .
sexy and SMARThfrockon
NotStarvingActress  (OP)

User ID: 20396732
United States
09/03/2018 05:09 AM
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Re: GLP Needs to Know This Info. . .
sexy and SMARThfrockon
 Quoting: fanboy

Thank you. Didn't know how to title this thread so that all GLP would read it.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 2876001
United States
09/03/2018 05:20 AM
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Re: GLP Needs to Know This Info. . .
sexy and SMARThfrockon
 Quoting: fanboy

Thank you. Didn't know how to title this thread so that all GLP would read it.
 Quoting: NotStarvingActress

It doesn't matter. Remember it's the "energy" that draws in the viewersyoda

User ID: 76471059
09/03/2018 05:20 AM
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Re: GLP Needs to Know This Info. . .
I've heard that the fentanyl that has been killing thousands is coming from China.. they want to kill or addict the US population.. weaken us physically, morally and spiritually.
Wondering Mind

User ID: 73265267
United States
09/03/2018 05:44 AM
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Re: GLP Needs to Know This Info. . .
It has been mind blowing at how many people I have known have died of cancer it was like some kind of epidemic in a small no known area.
It was those 20-21 years of age and their parents, first the young would die fast within just a few weeks of being diagnosed and then not long after that the parent would turn up with a different form of cancer and die as well.
There would be one child diagnosed with cancer after their father was diagnosed with cancer and both die of it.
Co-workers dying of it like crazy from men to women, from young to older.

There just is no reason for such a fast onset of so very much cancer and deaths like that.

We do not trust the medications or the food we get today and are becoming way more limited in what and where we eat and drink.
Everything has went down in quality and that while rising in recalls due to contamination of it, even from the production sector it was coming.

Now we hear China refusing the CDC the flu specimens they requested to make a vaccine for, saying it was a lethal flu strain they had in their Nation.

They want to kill people plain and simple.
The most precious things are the simple things in life, always present in the simplest of minds.
NotStarvingActress  (OP)

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United States
09/03/2018 05:46 AM
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Re: GLP Needs to Know This Info. . .
Rising serpent Retweeted

Jordan Sather

Remember when the NIH knowingly let 98 million people get infected with the SV-40 monkey virus in polio vaccines?

Read this and you might:

[link to www.nvic.org (secure)] …

Big Pharma & others have been poisoning us for yearsssss and SO many dont even realize they’re going along w/ it.
NotStarvingActress  (OP)

User ID: 20396732
United States
09/03/2018 05:54 AM
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Re: GLP Needs to Know This Info. . .
I've heard that the fentanyl that has been killing thousands is coming from China.. they want to kill or addict the US population.. weaken us physically, morally and spiritually.
 Quoting: Osti


2 Chinese Nationals Charged with Operating Global Opioid and Drug Manufacturing Conspiracy Resulting in Deaths

While in Cleveland, Ohio, Attorney General Jeff Sessions today announced the unsealing of a 43-count indictment in federal court in Cleveland, which charges two Chinese citizens with operating a conspiracy that manufactured and shipped deadly fentanyl analogues and...

250 other drugs to at least 25 countries and 37 states. The indictment also alleges the drugs sold by the group directly led to the fatal overdoses of two people in Akron, Ohio.

Fujing Zheng, aka Gordon Jin, 35, and his father Guanghua Zheng, 62, both of whom reside in Shanghai, China, are charged with conspiracy to manufacture and distribute controlled substances, conspiracy to import controlled substances into the United States,

operating a continued criminal enterprise, money laundering and other crimes. The charges carry a potential sentence of life imprisonment because the drugs involved resulted in death, and the defendants’ conduct qualifies for an enhancement under the kingpin statute.

The indictment was announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Assistant Attorney General Brian A. Benczkowski for the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman for the Northern District of Ohio,

Acting Administrator Uttam Dhillon of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Special Agent in Charge Timothy Plancon of DEA’s Detroit Field Office, Special Agent in Charge Steve Francis of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations(HSI)..

for Michigan and Ohio and Special Agent in Charge Ryan Korner of IRS Criminal Investigation (CI) Cincinnati Field Office.

“Fentanyl and its analogues are the number one killer drug in America today, and most of them come from China,” said Attorney General Sessions.

“That’s why the Department of Justice under Pres. Donald Trump has taken historic new steps against the threat of Chinese fentanyl. In October, we announced the first-ever indictments of Chinese nationals for fentanyl trafficking; 32 defendants have been charged in those cases.

Today we are announcing an indictment of the leaders of the Zheng drug trafficking organization based in China, who the indictment alleges sold drugs that have killed at least two Ohioans. I want to thank U.S. Attorney Herdman and his fabulous Assistant U.S. Attorneys,

our Criminal Division, DEA, FBI, Homeland Security Investigations, and IRS Criminal Investigation special agents and our Postal Inspectors for all of their hard work on this case. By cutting off fentanyl and its analogues at the source, we can save American lives.”

“As detailed in this indictment, the trail from at least two dead bodies in Akron, Ohio, leads to the Zhengs,” said U.S. Attorney Herdman. “This group has shipped deadly fentanyl analogues and other drugs around the globe for a decade.

Law enforcement will follow the evidence wherever it leads, including overseas, to stop the flow of drugs that have caused so much heartbreak and destruction in Ohio.”

“DEA will relentlessly pursue anyone shipping deadly fentanyl analogues to the United States wherever they may be and bring them to justice,” said DEA Acting Administrator Dhillon.

“These Chinese drug traffickers are directly responsible for the deaths of U.S. citizens and we will hold them accountable in a U.S. court of law.”

“This case clearly shows that our collaborative efforts with law enforcement at every level continue to have an impact,” said HSI Special Agent in Charge Francis.

“These efforts exhibit the combined resources of American law enforcement agencies’ resolve to ending this deadly epidemic.”

“Today’s indictments, which include charges related to the defendants’ smuggling drug profits in and out of the United States, are a victory for the American public and a defeat to drug traffickers everywhere,” said IRS-CI Special Agent in Charge Korner.

“The special agents of IRS Criminal Investigation continue in their mission to disrupt the flow of ill-gotten gains that are the life-blood for these criminals.”

According to the indictment:

The Zhengs and others used numerous companies, including Global United Biotechnology, Golden Chemicals, Golden RC, Cambridge Chemicals, Wonda Science, and others, to manufacture and distribute hundreds of controlled substances,

including fentanyl analogues such as carfentanil, acetyl fentanyl, furanyl fentanyl, and others. They created and maintained numerous websites to advertise and sell illegal drugs in more than 35 languages.

From 2008 to the present, the Zheng drug trafficking organization (Zheng DTO) engaged in this conspiracy from its base of operations in Shanghai.

The organization claimed to ship “over 16 tonnes of chemicals every month” from its “own laboratory” and to “synthesize nearly any chemical on a bespoke basis in any quantity.”

The Zheng DTO touted its ability to create custom-ordered drugs and avoid detection from customs and law enforcement when shipping the drugs. The Zheng DTO explained in emails and online that it had “special ways” to “go through customs safely” in “USA, Russia,

Europe,” and other locations around the world. If customs still managed to seize the parcels, the DTO promised it would “re-ship free.”

The Zheng DTO used co-conspirators in other countries, including the United States, to receive, repackage,

and redistribute the drug shipments, thereby hiding their Chinese origin. For example, it used companies run by Massachusetts-based co-conspirator Bin Wang to smuggle drugs past customs agents in China and the United States.

Wang then shipped the drugs to customers across the country
Wang has pleaded guilty to his role in the conspiracy and is scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 13.

The Zheng DTO has sent millions of lethal doses of fentanyl analogues and other drugs linked to overdoses in the United States and around the world.

On Feb. 15, 2015, Akron, Ohio resident, Leroy Steele, emailed the Zheng DTO saying he “would like to purchase Acetyl fentanyl.” The Zheng DTO explained in its correspondence with Steele that it was “a professional acetyl fentanyl manufacturer in China” and...

that “a lot of U.S. and Europe customers purchase largely from us monthly.” The acetyl fentanyl that the Zheng DTO distributed to Steele resulted in the overdose deaths in Ohio of Thomas Rauh, 37, and Carrie Dobbins, 23, on or about March 21 and 28, 2015.

Steele was subsequently convicted of drug offenses and is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence.

Despite the deadly consequences of its actions, the Zheng DTO continued manufacturing and distributing drugs.

I’m glad someone is finally cracking down. Wonder how many in our government profit?

Shipping adderall laced with bath salts!? Did I read that right?? Ineffective chemotherapy meds too. Hang them.

a bit of reversal of the opium wars of the nineteenth century. it worked then.....

that and a remorseless strategy. the chinese don't brook remorse.

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