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Libertarian Bitcoin allowance tax system

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User ID: 76419742
United States
09/14/2018 11:33 AM
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Libertarian Bitcoin allowance tax system
This is how it should work.
No oversight committees.
No Senators.
No House of Representatives,
No regulations.
Only Libertarian democratic money management with capitalism.
We find a way to implement:
Taxation with direct representation,
Sheriffs that can be fired by local townspeople.
The only situation where we unite as a country is when we are fighting for freedom as country, after that we go back to small government.

This is the important part:

We set up a fund, electronically using a yet to be created decentralized blockchain funding site. If you pay your percentage you get to use the product (roads, centers, hospitals) and if you don't you do not.
It is not a lump payment, it is sectioned out so you know where each payment is going.

You are not required to pay into any system, but you are expected to be useless within the society if you are not permitted on roads.

You see? Regulation from semi-fascist oversight, is directly communist. We should be able to have a choice.

In the old days, if you didn't pay your amount to the sheriff, you were not protected.

This is capitalism.

Those who want something get it.
Those who don't want something do not.

In today's society (semi-communism/semi-fascism) we do not get a choice as to what we get.
What Senators and Representatives consider good enough to be considered ok is what dictates their actions.
Not the will of the people.

Everyone is biased.
What helps purify our biases as a community, is a great compilation of our opinions.
When we combine all of them, we are left with the most meaningful and well-guided ideas because positivity is the most powerful force.
When we take the power and let it go to the few, we are not democratic anymore and just asking for power to be corrupted because it is then subject to only a few opinions and one or ones that are aware that they have far reaching power.

On the pirate ships, they would overthrow the captain weekly using a democratic vote.

The only time that the captain had absolute power was in battle.

This is the route to success.

So as you pay into the roads fund, you see your bar and finds go up, as you make each payment you are granted a period of usage.

Because the sheriff's actions are representative of the people's will, when a person refuses to pay into the roads fund, and they do not attempt to use the roads, they will be fine. But if they refuse to pay into the defense fund, they will be thrown out of the town because they will have enraged the people of the town. If enough people think the defense fund is not being managed properly, they will overthrow the current system or start a new system (town).

It will be consider ridiculous to say that a vote from 350 million people should dictate the rules of the town of 5 thousand.

We need to get back to common sense democracy.

What is this current, late stage democracy/early stage communism/fascism.
Regis843  (OP)

User ID: 76419742
United States
09/14/2018 11:34 AM
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Re: Libertarian Bitcoin allowance tax system
So it is a purchase, not a tax.
Once is is a mandatory payment it is not a purchase, and is fascist.