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Ms. Ford's accusation is a ploy and the democrats know it.

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09/20/2018 07:11 AM
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Ms. Ford's accusation is a ploy and the democrats know it.
Seriously just stop with the idea the democrats should be ashamed. This whole ordeal was a no win solution to the democrats Supreme Court conundrum. The allegation was un provable and impossible to disprove in the court of law. The allegation however plays right into their base and the trope that all republican white men are rapists who hate women. They know they can't stop his confirmation so why not do him like they did trump. By making such a flimsy and loose claim against the SCOTUS nominee they have added fresh nightmare fuel for their ever outraged base, it's a wave generator for their blue wave dreams in November.

Go back and look at their playbook.

Can't win a presidential election, Russian collusion (not an actual crime) and a stolen election.

Can't stop a scotus nomination, fake groping allegation to stir up more hatred.
im the new cancer.