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Message Subject Everybody pissed off this week? Fuckups?
Poster Handle Sacred Geometry
Post Content
Sept 23, a hot date (oh, I wish, lol)
 Quoting: Sacred Geometry

Looking back on human history and the significance drawn upon the cycles of Sol's motion, it's understandable that unconscious compulsions will draw one to more readily distinguish significant associations ado with the solstices and equinoxes.

What's interesting about the autumn equinox, though, is it tends to get the least amount of attention from modern religious and political paradigms, thus the more esoteric-driven (as opposed to faith-driven) subconscious is perhaps more predisposed to draw personal significance to this one least celebrated of the four.
 Quoting: Deafcat

Oh, you just made me think...

What if the demons that the satanists feed by performing ritualistic brutal sacrifices, - that we're trying to stop, - which They perform on specific dates...

What if the demons They feed that "loosh" are starving and are going psycho?!

Cuz seriously, I saw it, felt it when I was out.
The demons / Their hive is stingy, sharp, edgy, thick aggression, peeking out through those "infected"'/ the hosts / the posessed (or who ever / what ever they are!!!)

They are like angry wasps...

So, when is the autumn equinox?

Do you know if the change from natural 13 moon calendar to the satanic vatican (julian?? Greek gods?) calendar is keeping us "out of time" with our source?

Is this why a brand of watches chose the name Olympic?
Time calendar, greek gods at mount Olympus?

Was this why They covered up the ritual mass murder,
the sinking of OLYMPIA?
("Sister" ship of Titanic...)
To break the FOUNDING Fathers seal of US / the new jerUSAlem / atlantis??

Was She a foundation... you know? Olympia, the rock?
The rock on which The Builders built the white house...

That house is now threatened (square with pyramid on top, in the horoscope above in previous post)?

Do the black magic team focus on any specific celestial body, to cause worse emotional trauma?
The moon seems obvious, but perhaps saturn too?

Saturn is Chronos, father of time!!!

He (the evil SATanists) trapped the divine feminine in the cube!

Kabaa, (vagina / black hole) - islam
Cube over third eye on forehead - judaism
Jesus was crucified on a cross, that can be folded to a cube - christianity.

Chronos, time, saturn hexagon... timelines, matrix.

Cubits in computers... dunno what that means just came up in my mind.
Just brainSTORMING...

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