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Message Subject Everybody pissed off this week? Fuckups?
Poster Handle LilMiss
Post Content
How does Libra influence?
 Quoting: Sacred Geometry

In essence, the seventh natural house is the beginning of the end of the experiences and influences that shape one's own inner world, and is why it is most strongly and most typically associated with relationships, the way in which we relate to others and the impart of the feedback when it occurs.

The equinoxes form the horizon line that separates the world within from that which is without.

Mars is, like a Commander in Chief?
Like a boss!?!
 Quoting: Sacred Geometry

In a sense, precisely, yes. The lesser malefic; Saturn being the greater.

Venus the lesser benefic; Jupiter the greater.

Do you have ways, suggestions, how to lighten up energies?
 Quoting: Sacred Geometry

You're asking one who's more at home, at ease, lucid, and able to discover and realize one's true needs from within darkness and solitude.

Don't get me wrong, I can be light, bubbly, and encouraging, but I've learned a distinctive distaste for the expectations from others that are formed on account of me having a prerogative to be so.

I have my own way of melting every veil in existence apart at a moment's whim, but I'd never suggest another to follow suit.

You don't need a beginner's guide, you already are able to form meaningful associations to the archetypal expressions. Be your own guide.
 Quoting: Deafcat

Yay. Thank you for coming to this thread!

Sorry to all I disappeared. My energy is not what it usually is due to physical health.

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