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Message Subject Everybody pissed off this week? Fuckups?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My favorite Tarot to work with is The Gilded Tarot. Please Google your cards so you can see the story I am seeing for yourself.

Six of Swords/The Past:

This card indicates you KNOW yourself pretty well. The depiction in the card show a cloaked woman travelling by boat with six swords in the light of the Full Moon. Your mind and capabilities are represented in them.

It would be beneficial to know if you are simply running away, or moving toward a new beginning.

But then we see...

II. The High Priestess/Present:

LOL (sorry, I hope you laugh, too)

This indicates one BEing in a place beyond logic. Seems to me, Dearheart, that you are being asked to keep one foot on the ground and one resting on a cloud. Balance at this time is necessary. But you already know this. ;) (I know you are a heavy thinker simply from your Chiron..Iwould love to do your chart!)

(See the Serendipity?)

And some doubt that miracles occurr. LOL

III. The Empress/The Future:

After you have made whatever move you desire to make, you are highly encourage to tap into your creative abilities, and give birth to the life you desire in your life. Tap into Mother Earth, and allow her to nurture you.

Maintain your balance with your emotions and actions. Be mindful, but please do not quadruple-think, like I know you do. ;) (Second reminder of this!) Remember, you have been given the ‘green light’ to tap into higher realms for guidance and inspiration to help guide you along the way.

Trust yourself (I seems the planets do!) The best way to check it is inquire that to your heart, and see how it feels. Then you tap into deep knowing.

I hope this helps you on your journey.

We can just live in gratitude and LOVE and stop with the words. ;)

You are LOVE)d)


Please feel free to ask questions!

 Quoting: LilMiss

Wow! Spot on.

Thank you.

I am running to a new beginning ;) I do overthink all the time which is why I get so many migraines. It may sound silly but sometimes I.think my mind over-processes information. Lol I have always been a deep thinker and break everything down over and over to the point of exhaustion.

I would love for you to do my chart when you are feeling better. Feel better soon. Sending you love, light, and healing vibes. hf

One of my favorite quotes is feet on the ground, head in the clouds, and fire within lol so I would say the one foot on the ground and head in the clouds is accurate hehe

I will try not to overthink (try) lol and just trust my intuition and go with the flow.

Thank you again and feel better beautiful one.

Love eternally hf
 Quoting: *Arabella*

I am so happy that helped!

Yes, you have your head on your shoulders. DO that thing it is you want to. ;)

I think way too much, too, so I get it. *giggles*

Thank you so much for your well-wishes..

I will do your chart after I get the chance to upgrade you. I do NOT want you to give me that information in public. :)

Rock on, Woman!


 Quoting: LilMiss

You have helped me perhaps more than you realize. Sometimes I get too much in my head . Us thinkers need to stick together hehe

Healing and love shooting your way!

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