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Message Subject KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America
Poster Handle Inquire Within
Post Content
People have been sharing this ad-nauseum for years, and most people don't want to invest the time to understand.

This set of videos explain everything you see today, and coupled with a demographic culture clash, the results have been beyond Russia's wildest dreams.

I see you OP. Too bad so many blow this off because the thumbnail looks boring.

5 stars for trying.
 Quoting: ISO

Yup. I post his videos every so often and share them with friends who haven't seen them yet.

What he shares is among the most important information I've come across.

Once I watched his videos, EVERYTHING with regard to Socialism/Communism and it's obvious takeover of US institutions made perfect sense and I knew we were in deep shit and have been ringing the bell ever since.
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