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Message Subject There is true evil in the Vatican
Poster Handle BlueMac
Post Content
I appreciate everybody that does comment. I am sorry if I was a little bitchy to the one poster, but come on.

You are blind if you can't see that this is an evil organization.

This thread should get more comments than it has, but I know there are a lot of you who are afraid to speak out against the church.

Stop being afraid, that's what they want.
 Quoting: The Serpent's Maiden

I agree with you, OP. There is evil in the Vatican.

What's your point? What do suggest should be done? You're shouting from your soapbox (both bitchy and judgmental..."you are blind if you can't see.....") to what end? Do you recommend storming the Vatican? Looting St Peter's? Running the RC leadership out of Rome on a rail?

What is it you'd like to see done?
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