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The moon is leaving

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 76938812
United States
09/24/2018 08:08 AM
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Re: The moon is leaving
Basically truth. If you go and look at close up pics on google of the moon it is OBVIOUSLY MAN MADE of two dome structures. IT IS OCCUPIED IN SIDE and the surface has been in battered enough its being terraformed in places... and there are streams and fields being formed.

It will not orbit Earth forever.. we have 2 new small real moves further out that will be placed closer later at the right time.

It was brought into place after some wars in which our 2 previous moons were brought down....

The moon could rotate or not because it has power... I was given a demo years ago.. not of it rotating but of it moving back and forth.

So when will it leave? 2018? or a billion years from now?
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maybe 10 or so depending. SEE MY POSTING ABOVE.. using the blue back arrow

User ID: 72738806
United States
09/26/2018 11:44 PM

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Re: The moon is leaving
As others have mentioned, this is classic GLP right here. This is going to be one of those threads that reaches hundreds of pages and is still bumped and discussed years from now. Good stuff, OP.
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