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Message Subject Breaking: SEC charges Tesla CEO Elon Musk with fraud!
Poster Handle some_guy89704
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Maybe this is just my ego talking cleverly disguised as intellect, but am I the only person left alive that doesn't hold a belief as truth unless personally experienced as truth?

My question to you is the same question I have for Flat Earthers (verbage varied slightly) "Have you been to space?"
 Quoting: Alan Watts is my sherpa

That's just as narrow minded as the flat earthers. I don't need to go to space to verify that SpaceX is doing what they say they are doing. And I have done just that.

 Quoting: Dr. Deplorable Astromut

Have you met humans yet?

I jest, but you really can't believe a huge majority of things in this world without verifying them yourself, and then there is the human issue which I can detail now:
I can imagine it, I can calculate it, I can hear about it from millions, I can even see it myself... and I can still get every single aspect of it wrong -- human.

You are not different, you only differ in the degree in which you may be incorrect according to reality, and we all know that cannot be measured because the intent to measure it alters it irrevocably if any actor in the frame of reference or its immediate sphere of influence is aware of said intent, not to mention that interaction of viewing is intertwined with the movement of particles of various charges that might have interacted differently had they not been interacted with. You know all about that, of course.

Today, we believe we approach or know the truth of many things, as many others thought before us.

Be humble.

P.S. Flat Earthers are idiots.
 Quoting: Melty Sammich

What a bunch of word salad. I back up what I say with facts and evidence which do idiots keep ignoring. I tracked the Falcon heavy in deep space. I tracked the entire Landing process despite all of those who said it was fake for years now. I have Vindicated myself. I have proven myself. I am not wrong. It does not matter what the intent is of the person watching it. Reality is not dictated by your intent or feelings. Your feelings do not matter. Do you hear me? Your feelings do not matter. All that matters are the facts. I was there, I tracked it, I proved that it was real. You will never take that away from me. You will never stop me.
 Quoting: Dr. Deplorable Astromut

God damn you are one arrogant asshat. I fail to see the importance of shooting a car into space... I’m going to dig up my old hot rods and throw them in the air. Yippee.
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