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Message Subject GLOVES ARE OFF
Poster Handle Deplorable Zenobia
Post Content
Coach Kav seems like go signal

Trump: Call em Party of Evil and hopefully will talk to us directly (msg app) bypassing Media

Think of all the players we have seen grow huge stones in the past days/week in no particular order - they are NOT TAKING IT ANY MORE


There are many others too

The smackdown has begun people, and I for one am enjoying the show
 Quoting: Evolution16

....and if there truly was yet another whack attempt at AF1 as some Anons are putting forth as most recent Q drop, then yeah, gloves are now off. No holds barred.

And then there's Oct 3rd national POTUS EBS 'test.'
 Quoting: Deplorable Zenobia

Yes, I hope POTUS EBS is a new way to bypass tv AND bypass twitter
 Quoting: Evolution16

Come to think of it, if I owned any Twitter, I'd dump it now
 Quoting: Evolution16

In fact, I'm hoping financial Anons are looking and comparing notes as to who's selling what stocks right now. Remember how many folks dumped their airline stocks just before 9/11? Some made a pretty penny back when stocks tanked and they proceeded to pull a Soros/Rothschild stunt.

And MSM put their positive spin dr twist calling such activity as 'Patriotic stock buy-backs.'

Right'o, chaps!
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