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CDAN Blind: Evil Foreign Singer, Relates to Amy Winehouse's Death & 4+ Other Women

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10/02/2018 01:27 PM
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CDAN Blind: Evil Foreign Singer, Relates to Amy Winehouse's Death & 4+ Other Women
[link to www.crazydaysandnights.net]

Today's Blind Items - Just Relax

Over the past two years this foreign born former A- list singer in his own country, who was much lower here despite his name recognition, has been responsible for the deaths of at least five women.

These women would all be alive today if they had not met him. He would meet them online or dating apps. He would get to know them and date them and sleep with them, which is scary enough when it comes to him.

He would tell them he wanted to move on to the next step with them, but to do that, they had to share in his lifestyle.

He wanted them to use heroin with him. Most said no and he broke up with them then and there.

The ones who did stay are for the most part dead. There are two women who used it with him once or twice and then got away as quickly as they could.

Our singer gets them hooked and makes them do more and more to earn their fixes.

When he gets bored, he gives them a little too much and they fade off to nothingness.

How does he get away with it all?

This is a guy who years ago sold himself to so many powerful men and knows all their secrets. Their world of privilege would come crashing down.

So, the deaths are noted as accidental overdoses. They just all seem to have happened with our singer presiding over them.

Informative Comments follow:

The only foreign born singer with a high recognition name, who is not be an A-list singer in the USA, is Amy Winehouse's ex Pete Doherty.
Holly Johnson

Pete Docherty

Enrico Pallazzo

And let's not forget we have learned recently CDAN Blind author was friendly with Amy Winehouse at one time.

Who would want to date Dougherty? He looks like bloated, strung out, and homeless. Zayn would be my guess.

They pay.

He's probably got a lot of money and he's famous SD

Ewwww. How about that Pink Floyd guy? Not a fan of their music but hear a lot of crap about him.

Mika?," Relax, Take it easy"

Roger Waters? All Pink Floyd members are legitimate Permanent A listers.

Interesting! I’ve read a lot about him being a controlling asshole but nothing about heroin?

Gary Barlow or Robbie Williams

Pete Doherty lives in France in a tiny town close to Paris

Dohertry was a street prostitute. His clients include many in police and political circles. This is a guy who gave drugs to His cat. He was close to Amy Winehouse. Many stated his background kept him from long prison terms. Remember, Boy George and George Michael did time. They should have more influence than Doherty.

Robbie Williams?

Heroin is so passe

Any spike in female heroin deaths there?

+1 Mika

Blake Fielder Civil is Amy’s EX

I was thinking Robbie Williams too.

Amy denied she and Pete dated,but he said they did.They were very close regardless.

The blind says women not men. Holly Johnson is as gay as a parade.

Emin Agalarov. Emin was just...WOW!

Pete Doherty was my first instinct guess.

Mika is a bender, not him. Gary Barlow doesn't touch drugs. Robbie might but he's more into alcohol so I'm gonna go with Doherty which is in itself sad and hilarious because he's so disgusting and gross.

I think this is Pete because he probably has every STD that exists. I think that’s why it says it’s scary enough coming from him for sleeping with these girls.

I'd say it's good advice to not sleep with famous people generally, and not to take heroin also, but good advice gets some folks all riled up.

Definitely Pete Doherty. An old but applicable article from The Telegraph:
[link to www.telegraph.co.uk (secure)]

A joke on the old Holy Moly site at the time, after Doherty yet again avoided prison, was that he wouldn't even get sent down if he turned up at court wearing Madeline McCann as a hat.

Robbie Williams has been married for 8 years, he's not out dating and killing women by overdosing them. Plus he puts on weight easily and frequently, that's not a junkie thing.

Unfortunately,probably true.
Roger Waters lives in New York. I've met him at parties and liked him. Not him.

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Hotel Bastardos

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United Kingdom
10/02/2018 03:38 PM
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Re: CDAN Blind: Evil Foreign Singer, Relates to Amy Winehouse's Death & 4+ Other Women
There was another suspicious death associated with Doherty. Some guy fell or was pushed from a balcony at a druggy party he was at. The victim’s mother has been pursuing justice for years.
NotStarvingActress  (OP)

User ID: 20396732
United States
10/02/2018 05:25 PM
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Re: CDAN Blind: Evil Foreign Singer, Relates to Amy Winehouse's Death & 4+ Other Women
NOTE: I'm continuously updating the Comments on my 1st post.