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Message Subject Members of California "White Supremacist" group arrested for participating in deadly Charlottesville rally
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There is no way to justify being in these groups. Its one thing to hold hate in your heart and to vote for a tyrannical ruler, but when you gather in a horde you amplify your voice and make moves that are outside the ordinary. Beating up minorities, training miiitarily and forming militias, posting threats and spreading libel. This is why the FBI watches you. How many refugee centers have burned in Europe from loose networks of people without paper trails. You might be able to justify the ends but you cannot justify the means.

Speaking from a man of experience its best to go your own way, even if you agree on things. We cannot fill every office with racists, the gerrymandering of districts and liberal ways of the people will prevent this. If you want results just find a white girl on christian mingle and get her pregnant then tell the kid to do the same. Saddle up partner.
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