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Message Subject Q Metaphysics: You Are That Which You Perceive // new paradigm on page 58
Poster Handle Kore
Post Content
A Message To Humanity
from the preface of 'The 21 Laws of Existence'
available at [link to qmetaphysics.com]

History would have us believe that humans have a love for fighting and conquest, and our days have been filled with savage and predatory behavior, with brief periods of kindness and compassion towards others.

The reality is that we are tired of fighting. We are tired of wars. We are tired of countless enemies. We can do without violence and hunger. Our enemies are tired, too. We say ‘peace’, but we have no peace. We seek peace for our own kind, but not for those we fight.

Our strength as a species is not in the pursuit of a bigger, better, and faster human being. That can only apply to the things we make with our hands, not the foundations we build with our hearts. Our strength has always been love for others, family, and community. It is the mother of peace and prosperity. It kept us sheltered from the great beasts that roamed the earth, kept us safe in times of war and disease, and filled our spirits with reasons to carry on.

This peace begins inside each one of us, in the way we see ourselves.

The tragedy of humanity is a tragedy of the mind. It is a tragedy of the masses. And most of all, it is a tragedy of our unwillingness to see ourselves in others.

Peace begins in the mind of the person reading these words. It is only then can we see with our own eyes something we have never seen before: that each person you see is an intimate part of who and what you are. Your neighbor is as close to you as your own perspective. Your environment is a continuous unfolding of your self. Your enemy begins where you begin.

We decline to accept the end of our own humanity, even as human beings continue to survive. We envision a world of our own choosing. The long search for truth and understanding has brought us back to re-discover ourselves.

Take away our love of chaos, and remove us from the chains of self-destruction.
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