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Message Subject Q Metaphysics: You Are That Which You Perceive // new paradigm on page 58
Poster Handle Kore
Post Content
How would you label as Order and Chaos the following possibilities:

-Piano Keys of Black and White
-Bread and Butter
-Caffeine and L-theanine
-Leather and Glass
-Direct Current and Alternating Current
-Set and its Elements
-Bag and Box
-Lemon and Lemonade
-Lemon and Lemon Seed
-Steering Wheel and Vehicle
-Floor and Wall
-Wall and Room
-Wall and House
-Room and House

And what is the reasoning behind it. Thanks
 Quoting: Stephen S.

Most of the above are presented as parts of lesson 2 or 3 questions. In lesson 1 we're just identifying if an 'individual' thing is either Order or Chaos.

Here, 'individual' would mean a kind of contained system. The piano keys are part of a system or concept (the piano) so for lesson one the focus would be on the piano itself. Each system is its own harmony, but systems always lean more towards either Order or Chaos (because the system is part of a greater whole).

Does the concept of 'a piano' in your perspective seem to make use of Order or Chaos more?

There is no 'right' answer, as the purpose is interaction. If the concept of sky leans more towards Chaos (open, expansive, interactive, etc.) and you thought of it leaning towards Order then a different, equally valid, perspective would result from interacting with the Order aspects of 'sky'. If the sky did not have both Chaos and Order elements it could not be perceived, so either is fine.

The purpose of lesson 1, then, is to simply label individual systems in your reality as being one or the other. The more consideration you give something, the more you're able to define your reality later on.

The goal for lesson 1 would be to look at something and make a very quick determination whether you prefer to interact with its Order aspects or its Chaos aspects.

That being said, here's what I would probably think quickly about:

-Piano Keys of Black and White (more white keys, so that is Chaos, with black being Order)

-Bread and Butter (bread is the structure of the butter that is being spread. Structure is Order. Spreading over space, so Chaos)

-Caffeine and L-theanine (caffeine agitates, so that would be Chaos for me. I don't know what L-theanine, so I would assign it however)

-Leather and Glass (hide on an animal is spread, so space would be Chaos. Glass is more hard and seems more like contraction, so Order)

-Direct Current and Alternating Current (Direct current flows in one direction, so that seems like expansion without end to me.. so Chaos. Alternating current reverses its direction many times a second at regular intervals, which is time.. so Order)

-Set and its Elements (Set screams Chaos, as the god "the desert, storms, disorder, violence, and foreigners". I would want to balance it out with Order, so that's what 'the Elements' would be)

-Bag and Box (bag is space, so Chaos. Box has more structure, so Order)

-Lemon and Lemonade (Lemon grows from a seed, which is more Chaos due to its expansion for me. Lemonade made by contracting the lemon, so Order.)

-Lemon and Lemon Seed (Lemon is a seed already unfolded, so Chaos. The seed would be a lemon waiting to unfold, so Order)

-Steering Wheel and Vehicle (steering wheel manages the spatial relationships of a vehicle, so Order. Vehicle is meant to traverse space, so Chaos)

-Floor and Wall (floor is spread out, so Chaos. Wall is the structure, so Order)

-Wall and Room (Wall is Order for me. The room is space, so Chaos)

-Wall and House (Wall, Order. House, Chaos)

-Room and House (Room would be Chaos for me, while the house would here organize the rooms, so Order.)
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