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Message Subject Q Metaphysics: You Are That Which You Perceive // new paradigm on page 58
Poster Handle Kore
Post Content
Just an illustration of how this process works in dreams.

Every 'moment' in a dream you are defining the reality of something. The moment you are in a bookstore in a dream, the books have no words or titles. They may even be physically connected to each other. As soon as you focus on one particular book, you define the reality of the book and the others around it.

At each moment you are determining Order/Chaos equations. The depth of this process gives us the sense of time and space.

Do it slowly (e.g., lesson 1) and you find yourself here. Something you 'desire' or focus on may be years away, if you ever experience it at all.

Learn to do it more quickly and you begin to have a difference sense of space and time and can manipulate your reality.

When you dream you are simply doing this at a much faster rate. The book you pick up is suddenly filled with words that you can read and that make perfect sense. You are doing this.

The difference between dreaming reality and waking reality? Simply the depth of the process. Everything else is the same (and equally physical, though interpreted differently).

Reality is this process in an endless chain of simple Chaos/Order equations.

As an example, when you're dreaming about the bookstore you would be doing the following (all very quickly):

[enter dreamworld]
Order/Chaos - delineation of dreamworld
Order/Chaos - space of dream
Order/Chaos - division of space (bookshelves)
Order/Chaos - expansion of bookshelves
Order/Chaos - individual books
Order/Chaos - so many individual books
Order/Chaos - focus on a specific book
Order/Chaos - expansion of focus, with it and other books manifesting titles
Order/Chaos - logic of the title
Order/Chaos - identifying with the title (interaction)
Order/Chaos - removing the book from its place
Order/Chaos - opening the book
Order/Chaos - the ordered pages of the book
Order/Chaos - the space of the pages
Order/Chaos - the ordered text on the page
Order/Chaos - the expansion of the text of the page
..and so on

None of this is 'real' because you're not perceiving the book directly but relationships between Order and Chaos.

If you woke up and could peer deep into your hand you would see that there's nothing really there. You can only see your 'hand' in relation to other things.

The other things? The busy-ness of Order/Chaos.
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