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Message Subject Q Metaphysics: You Are That Which You Perceive // new paradigm on page 58
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have to tell you KORE...

I feel a kindred in this thread

the mention of "NEURONICS"

is also a term they have repeated to me...
let me explain why

I broke my neck in 10th grade

about 20 years later i developed a spinal chord disease
that made me paralyzed from the waist down
for about 1 year

my legs atrophied and the voices began

they told me that i had to "TRAIN my BRAIN to THINK differently"

I laid in that bed for months
beating on my legs
DEMANDING them to work

after about a year
i began to walk again

because i taught my brain to rewire around the damaged areas


They told me about this entire concept
of training the brain to work differently.

its all about the signals carried through the spinal chord
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