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Message Subject Q Metaphysics: You Are That Which You Perceive // new paradigm on page 58
Poster Handle Stephen S.
Post Content
The purpose of lesson 1, then, is to simply label individual systems in your reality as being one or the other. The more consideration you give something, the more you're able to define your reality later on.
 Quoting: Kore

What do you mean by this part?

The goal for lesson 1 would be to look at something and make a very quick determination whether you prefer to interact with its Order aspects or its Chaos aspects.
 Quoting: Kore

Is the 'preference for one aspect' similar to 'what it seems like'?

More concretely, the piano may seem to make more use of Order by functioning as furniture (organizing space) but I might prefer that it make more use of Chaos by functioning as an instrument for making music (enabling interactions).

Does it matter which stance to take (preference vs appearance)?

Thanks for the feedback, very helpful for understanding the parameters of the exercise.
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