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Spiritual update on God's plan in the spirit realm

Sceptered Fish
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10/05/2018 07:46 AM
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Spiritual update on God's plan in the spirit realm
I had dreams and other interactions with the spirit realm while i was awake for the last 2 nights. And it was about a big seperation. I have told here before that the light is winning the spiritual battle, we are dominant now over the dark side. And 2 nights ago the light side used its leverage on other people to try to get them to join.

I explain the leverage. Right now the light side is dominant and we are also united. In the spirit realm we have created a reality that is nice and warm, warmth from love. We are well on our way to manifest God's Kingdom on Earth. And now other people cant just say anymore "no we dont want to join but we can still repent and go to Heaven after we pass on"(or any other reason to reject it). Nope, if you want to be on God's side you agree with God's plan to manifest God's kingdom on Earth and its right here now. That, or seperation from God.

In the past this leverage was not used because people didnt had the knowledge and/or willpower to overcome the world. And because of that Satan was dominant.

But right now people that do not have the knowledge or strength to overcome the world dont have to go through that, because the hardest battle has already been won. All they have to do is align with the rest of us that did the work and they are in.

How did we win the spiritual battle you may ask, well here are some other threads that explain why we are dominant.

Thread: What i do to win the spiritual battle and beat the NWO

Thread: All God's children should claim to have the highest social status

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Sceptered Fish  (OP)

User ID: 40731538
10/05/2018 07:51 AM
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Re: Spiritual update on God's plan in the spirit realm
So about the dreams and interactions in the spirit realm themselves...

I dreamed that family members of mine rejected it and choose the seperation from God. And in the spirit realm they can see the truth, so its different from reading my thread here.

In another interaction in the spirit realm i was sitting at a large table with food with people from future generations. And they are happy with the amount of light that there is in the world.