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Message Subject Feinstein reverse speech bombshell!!
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
Reverse speech is nothing but auditory matrixing. Your brain creating an illusion of order/meaning in noise.
 Quoting: Magna Cacca

And that is bogus.

EVPs are very similar to reverse speech. The problem with that theory, is its all too conveniently where the lie is, or where clarification is needed. In others, its not random.

And when you play that specific part backwards, and reverse the speech forward, there is no relation to the words that leap out.

In EVP's, when you have a connection to the group and those who want to work with you, you get answers. I've seen some very bad and disrespectful evps where they didn't want to work with that person, and towards the end even said things like "disrespectful" but didn't prove anything to the questioner.

When they want to work with your device and be heard and feel like someone is on their side and helping, they tell your name and name your pets, and ask for the light and for help and for God.

Its soul retrieval and rescue, much like Christ did after he died on the cross and went to the underworld to tell them the good news and save them.

In evp's not only can they tell you you're holding a pen, then names of your pets, and children and spouse and your name, but they also can have intelligent specific conversations back.

And with some enhanced speaker devices, or apps, they're not fuzzy, its very clear conversations and sentences AND TWO WAY.

So when skeptics made up that idea, they were very very wrong.

In this instance the word FBI and CIA don't sound the same.

IFB, try to pronounce that for a moment and then apply you're theory of sounds that are similar and your brain filling in the gaps.

You brain can't fill in the gaps on IFB, its not even close to a word.
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