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Message Subject Clear something up for me...
Poster Handle diverdan01
Post Content
Why do celebrities (musicians, actors, etc) make so much god damn money?

It's not like it's hard to do. Okay, playing an instrument not everyone can do that I get it. Or sing yeah, but do you think they deserve millions of dollars for doing it?

I don't...

Do you think they deserve to be worshiped as gods or some sort of heroes? Nope...I don't...

I just think the whole thing is fucked. I don't think they deserve that power. The balance is not right there.

I also think that perhaps people are starting to wake up to these facts. For instance, less people are going to the movies these days. Or going to concerts it seems.

What do you think?

Why do we worship these people like that?

Will the world ever wake up from the spell that has placed upon them?

 Quoting: The Serpent's Maiden

The left has changed the notion of hero worship from those that achieved great things, astronauts, explorers, scientists, mathematicians etc to worshiping a bunch of entertainers. Sadly they are some of the most dysfunctional people on the planet. But that is all by design
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