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Message Subject Clear something up for me...
Poster Handle \m/
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what some of the sports stars earn just make me puke, we live in a rotten society where money,fame and power is what drives people, it's disgusting.

not all musicians are in it for the money though, it's just a by product in a way, but I bet they don't mind.
 Quoting: \m/

Yep, and look there are highly talented people out there, who will just attract the money. I get it, but some of these people who society deems as "famous" oh dear lord. I just don't know.

You got nasty gross people like Kim Kardashian making millions off of showing her ass?!

That's what society has come down to, a bunch of ass worshiping clowns. I can't take it lol Society is getting dumber by the year.
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the house is haunted
I just wanna go for a ride
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