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Message Subject The truTh about him is......that he is God...
Poster Handle Lucifer (SuN)
Post Content

They've called me this all of my life, I wear it like a badge of honor :)

I mean no harm and wish you the best :)

 Quoting: PhiloSophiaZoso

Well I can't understand why you encourage him. He is clearly not well to be repeating like this for years.
 Quoting: The Serpent's Maiden

Well before he was very dark, now he is turning the other cheek with a response of love towards those who are trying to bash him - this leaves less room for hatred - this is a positive step forwards - this was my intended compliment...
 Quoting: PhiloSophiaZoso

I am guessing he is acting as a genuine enough conduit for Lucifer himself. That is a large consciousness for an individual to contain within his own mind, though it doesn't tend to drive people insane, not really, no. But yes, there is a lot of darkness to that concept, especially within the group mind, which you would need to go through if you wanted to interact with the group mind. And, if not, why would Lucifer be interested in you?

So he is one I am willing to cut some slack to. On account of the fact that he is probably a merge of some sort. Like a possession but gentler and only halfway there.

Lucifer, continue. I always enjoyed your perspective. Not quite as much as God's if truth be told, but it is very interesting nonetheless...

One question I've always wanted to ask you: what is Darkness for you, and how do you conceive of the Light?

Furthermore, if you are the Lightbearer, your function is to bring the Light. To people presumably. Does this mean you serve God, by bringing Light to the densest of groups and individuals, or do you steal from God, like Prometheus did?
 Quoting: Nicolas Catinat

I am not bound by the lucifer archetype he is simply one of my fractals that best suits my line of energy projection ....
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