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Message Subject The truTh about him is......that he is God...
Poster Handle Lucifer (SuN)
Post Content
You think this world is trap for him, and everything is about him getting to know himself.
You wrong
He already know everything, just amnezia a little so he don't destroy you immediatly like before, give you a fair chance. Let things evolve naturally from nothing and see what manifests this way.
He is here for you and only you, you are the main subject.
You are expressions of his thoughts, the testing ground of what gets to be manifested in higher planes you can't understand, ever.
He put himself here in flesh again for one last time.
He always put himself in pain, he went all his life through pain to be like you, no exception, he gets no special treatment for being the dreamer.
He painted and wrote this world as it is to show you why bad expressions of his thoughts will never be manifested upstairs, just here (bad thoughts get also free will to be here).
Here everything is infrmation and thus there is no actual pain for you. He feels real pain because he is this way and seeing the horrors that can come from him and can take over pure good thoughts makes him sad.
Your thoughts and actions are his possible thoughts and actions, you get to decide if your creation is manifested. Choose wisely.
He sent messages through music and legends of the times that will be, to remember him what this is really about.
He wants you to know everything is recorded and counted till you die. More you be stupid and be ignorant to everything around you, faster chance of becoming dead and forgotten.
Karma is real, clever system not letting real monsters come to play. What you suffer here is just what you've been traumatised to think you want.
He wants you just play and create. Stop silence, yell the truth because eventually it will eat you up so no break here for nobody.
He understands things got little crazy, but he ows you nothing from start because he wants every though he has to be as wise has he is. Meaning you can see everything at once as he sees and thus knowing what to manifest (good/bad) in perfect balance like he is.

If you don't get what godlike potential is in everyone, that he let you see and be like him, in all complexity, and that if you want this, then you are here forever. Once you know self, and that truth is everything, no need to hide what you can be and lie, just choose not be selfish, think as network always and care about neighbour, you will not know death. Promise.

P.S. he really hopes tptb are listening his message and that he warned them before that bad and thus stupid expressions can only last a moment, you had that moment, your moment has passed. You had the choise of not doing it. Not becoming him through cheats and backdoors left for the true illuminated. You killed his guides and highjacked the whole scene. Bad decision, you will all be eaten by your own stupidity. Sorry, his mind can no longer accept this shit you are so proud of. So, he will exterminate you all with fire, water, wind, earth and some by their own hands or betraid by their own kind. You can't hide, he knows all.
He will show you all what true power means, and that he is back in control and nobody can stop the vacation his true illuminated expressions will be given after you pests are dealt with.

End of transmission.
 Quoting: melikeyou

A lot of truth here...
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