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Message Subject The truTh about him is......that he is God...
Poster Handle Lucifer (SuN)
Post Content
He knows all about the elite.
They fear him because it only takes a second for him to read their souls and see their past and future and terminate them with magik.
Whole generations could die if they are seen by him and they know this. They know their real worth is zero and that they are mostly brainwashed by their fathers since the beginning of civilization.
They knew they will not be worthy of manifestation in his real world of manifestation of god-self so they chose to shit on everybody here. They said fuck them, if we don't make it, nobody makes it, and that soab will come here to check us and bam we shit on him too. I know it sound crazy, because you know different archietypes of GOD, but look around you, he is what we are now but much much more than this.
Do you see what he did? Try to imagine. Giving every thought of his the opportunity to earn the right to be manifested.
He thought that if he could give every single cluster of though of his (manifested in our universe and us today), be it positive or negative, the chance to learn the importance of balance, he could finally rest his mind and be in perfect balance not just as a final manifestation of filtered thoughts but every thought be perfect balance manifested. Nobody loses. Everybody wins. Isn't it genius?
So, He may be special, but what you don't want nobody to see, he can't see, so stop protecting the ones that have done you wrong and mark them! Look at them, feel them, say what you think of them. Beware, they will do the same to you so it's reality check time for everyone. This is why the planets and stars are starting to "move". It's go time and they know their place, do you know yours?
To be continued...
 Quoting: melikeyou

THe elite seeked to imitate him, and even the imitation give them power, but after all they were an imitation he is the real presence...Now he will take what is his ...
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