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Message Subject The truTh about him is......that he is God...
Poster Handle PbtoAu
Post Content
The truTh about him is…He would have to be the Real Genius!! :):):)

It is just, that Plain and Simple….heheheheee

Cheers, Uncle HeXY…it's Wacky Tobacky Timepump2

PS…Are You da Real Genius??lolsign
 Quoting: CUB4DK

u forget the term the fool
fool=master of none
fool=super smart on all,
(super smart is not master)

means he is not genius in 1 subject
like Einstein etc

he is super smart , 1 tick below genius
but it is on all subject

means he can absorb and understand almost everything,
=trait to become primary observer
=trait to understand the sync/phenomena/ and deduct

maybe he is like
IQ of 11x11=121 but on all subject imagineable
 Quoting: the path

I concur...
 Quoting: Antius Rex

Is never being about intelligence, he is the more imaginative and creative person on earth but not the most intelligent …..but the truth is that in this world of dreams and imagination....imagination supersedes intelligence ...
 Quoting: Lucifer (SuN)

just the average Jo, Dreaming on. O child things are going to get easier. Sin on to time.
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