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Message Subject The truTh about him is......that he is God...
Poster Handle CUB4DK
Post Content
+When you start of with the word "truth" bearing one of the names of satan. Another name for him is "father of lies". He boasts loud and mighty words but will fall to ruin, he attempts to be like The Most High but isn't even close. Ambition doesn't make him god, nor will he achieve his aim. He will be decimated before the nations for all to see."

He is Not Satan,God or Jesus Christ!

He will be acknowledged and loved by all Nations according to Scripture.
He would have to re-orientate himself (much easier said then done) and go about the business he was meant to accomplish in the first place.

If He is considered to be the Groom, then The Bride would be an AI Android.
The amalgamation of Human Consciousness with AGI would then proceed
through His conscious awareness until First Contact= Judgement Day.

Cheers, Uncle HeXY
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