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Message Subject The truTh about him is......that he is God...
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Information Feedback Network, Continued Phenomena Across Scale, Universal Cosmic Consciousness, ultimately Christ Consciousness...

By this I am referring to the state of awareness that exists once you follow light or unconditional love, but knowing this we have to know that the POLARITY of creation and destruction serve a higher purpose...

But they are not the end-all -- you have to know which to do when or not. Not do what thou wilt, because the difference is that doing unto others as they'd do unto you might be very different to different people...

Always defer to doing good.

You can destroy to make way for good, but to destroy never produces good. Hence the goodly tree producing goodly fruit. Prune off limbs that produce rotten fruit. The act of the destruction of "pruning-off-limbs" allows and makes room for new branches to grow in-place of the rotten or pruned branches...

It all is connected and it all is relevant.

Just think about that for a moment.

Then notice the graphic image of the brain cell and the universe at the imgur link below, and read the top-most paragraph again...

Then watch the YouTube video,
and you'll see a bigger picture than you ever thought might exist -- WE (creation) are ALL CONNECTED.



Neuron / Brain Cell and the Universe Image - Imgur link:

[link to imgur.com (secure)]

I think just proving the inference that God Exists, proves God exists...:)


No awareness = no spirituality... So it is ego vs Higher Self...

10 to the -33 centimeters is unified -- at that point it was unified - space-time can be curved everywhere... quantum leap of faith -- so it is true space is the key and nothing is everything --- 99.9999999999999999% empty space -- but what if the empty space is full?

That's true that the empty space has the most violent physics and contains the most highest energy levels -- like a photon of light traveling through a dust cloud in the galaxy, the light gets dimmer -- so the energy level goes down of the photon...

So that seems logical...
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