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Message Subject The truTh about him is......that he is God...
Poster Handle two divided by three
Post Content
The fact that some of you Christians, even self-proclaiming messiahs like I once was, taking considerable advice from some tool who goes by the name Lucifer(Sun).

He's a dipshit for post this thread.

You're all dipshits for clicking here.

I'm a dipshit for clicking here.

You're all dipshits for believing any of this rubbish nonsense.

I'm a dipshit for taking the time to rebuke you.

I knew it.

GLP is nothing but dipshits :D
 Quoting: x0dus

Go read the bible.
 Quoting: two divided by three

20 sheckels says I know it far more than you and your imagination.
 Quoting: x0dus

Yeah you definitely know the bible better than me.

Only part I really like is Revelations.

My knowledge of God is based entirely on my own direct experience.

You don't need a book to learn about God when you can see him everywhere you look.
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