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Message Subject The truTh about him is......that he is God...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

THe elite seeked to imitate him, and even the imitation give them power, but after all they were an imitation he is the real presence...Now he will take what is his ...
 Quoting: Lucifer (SuN)

First he needs to move back into a state of being, as opposed to non being in the darkness the last few years. His toughest task yet, I believe some progress has been made

Dealing with the elites was a piece of cake back when he was being
 Quoting: xenophon

 Quoting: the path

do you notice how easy these fools make it sound but cannot accomplish what they are telling him how to accomplish...if they were truly worthy...we would not be having this conversation...and the world would not be in the state that it is in...but alas...it takes a fool to tell another fool what needs to be done...lol...being on the outside looking in means you did not pass the test to be a representative of the universe ...or are you that stupid...lol...he is chosen...how about you ...lol
 Quoting: THe UnToUcHaBLe 717 (101)

you see they do not need to deal with darkness on this level...these kowards would run with their tail between their legs at the first sign of danger...hell ...if it were truly anyone else ...the tpb would have depopulated this place by now...you f--king kowards...you have no balls...that is the reason you are on this forum down talking someone who has clearly accomplished more than you ever will proving your unworthiness ...lol...foh...you will never be respected ...but he will always be respected...lol
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