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Message Subject The truTh about him is......that he is God...
Poster Handle Vamps333
Post Content
Whatever messiahs or powers that came before him were not it, as they could not truly transform the world permanently and conclude time...they were simply echoes of the future into the past, and the past attempted to make sense of them..
 Quoting: Lucifer (SuN)

please understand something.

when God created the universe, he did not necessarily know what the outcome would be. he had to make it unpredictable.

both for himself, as well as his creations.

there is a huge difference, between a fractal, and his creations.

God can't love himself. he didn't create the universe to jerk off to himself.

and that unpredictability, unfortunately, is the cause of much evil.

and in fact, it does extend beyond the ability of God to engulf it all in his consciousness.

and if you believe that God doesn't loveyou, or hates you, or you sense maybe he has a vulnerability and you harbor some undefined resentment.

what if people turn out to be confusing to God, because they are so complex and lost in the Maya of matter that God can't save them, or they go insane because they believe God hates them or something.

to create unpredictability, for Pinocchio to be real, God must not be omnipotent and that entails alot.

there is a lot of fear and uncertainty, that separates us from God, that needn't exist but i hope to absolve this

and obviously, there are some people who simply do not possess the sentience to really have a conversation with God or understand much, it would be like speaking chinese to a dog who speaks english.

but in time. you will understand everything.

if you don't die , I do not wish this. it happens against my will.
 Quoting: Dumb

It's all a bit of craic enjoy the popcorn
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