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Message Subject The truTh about him is......that he is God...
Poster Handle Dumb
Post Content
Speaking of people thinking they are God where has 717 been?...probably off saving us all...lol...so the op thinks he is God. 717 thinks he is. Celt thinks he is...so many God's one site...
 Quoting: King Triad

 Quoting: Yo Adrian

Trump prob thinks he is, Tom Cruise prob thinks he is, \You prob think y'are.
 Quoting: Yidna

you possess the ability to think.

everyone is god to varying degrees, even animals can swim within the world of matter of their own will. God is not telling them what to do, they are not robots. in that sense, yes they are gods, because they have free will. they have sentience.

the confusion is, we are all subjective realities. only until we know or like eachother. may not like the other person, because they aren't cool or interesting to us.

so how can you judge God, if he lets you die for not being interesting to him? how many people have you done the same thing to.

and when you meet a famous person on a low energy day, and you feel let down, that's a shame but you'll get infinite more opportunities, it's God not you. the important thing is God wants to know you, in time, and you probably don't really wanna know him, yet. but it doesn't even matter there's more people to know than you can ever know, all you need is a few friends, even one friend in this life is success. better one friend than a million acquaintances, even if it's a dog
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