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Message Subject What's your problem with witches?
Poster Handle Angelseverywhere
Post Content
I find the name witch not a good descriptor. Working with the elements is what native peoples did from the beginning.
Its European doctors who deemed this practice as bad and associated it with the devil because they were losing their business to 'hags', which way back in the day the meaning was closer to diviner or soothsayer of the woods. Jealous men changed the meaning to something derogatory.
I myself feel a close connection to the earth, and all the elements because that is how I feel closest to the Creator. I don't worship nature, I admire the handiwork of the Divine All. Its beautiful. And through it, I hear the Creator. If people want to call me a witch because of that, they are just being ignorant. I am a child of the most High, as is Serpent Maiden. As are we all.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78051634

Well it's a descriptor right? lol I also feel a very close connection to the earth and it's energies. Thank you so much for posting AC...very nice energies in your post...

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