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Message Subject What's your problem with witches?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Witches end up with stitches. I hate all woman. All are poison to men. The men who know always win.

You will always try to put a spell on us, with everything you got. Even as small as with your black nail polish.

A woman is a disgusting grotesque human being. She will use every part of her body to intoxicate you with her venomous ways.

Every woman even your own mother is a witch. And even some might say a bitch. Witch bitch made asses.

They are the anti-christs minions. Just a little few are angels send by God. But you'll notice them quickly. The bigger group are witch bitches.

I hate you with every bone in my body. If I had the possibility to slid a throat or two I would. Or just set you a blaze in a cage like Daesh does. Fry the shit out of you.
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 Quoting: Angelseverywhere

It's hilariously sad.. I mean for real?
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