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Message Subject What's your problem with witches?
Poster Handle Hadriana
Post Content
Witches suck. They're always into something dark and evil.

Bring back dunking and go to town on those loser freaks.
 Quoting: Vicious Deplorable dollop

A spoiled egg floats. A good one sinks.

Some idiot decided that applied to people too, so witches float.

The people in the same time period translated evil person who is willing to poison wells out of vengence into witches.

If there were a witch (modern day use of the word as in earth based spirituality, believer in magick) or any other person, INCLUDING CHRISTIANS who REALLY WAS KJV equivalent of the word WITCH in evil action.....

I would say kill them too.

But 99.99% of people who use the word WITCH to describe themselves, INCLUDING ME, would never do anything so evil- maliciously evil, for the KJV word to apply. A Christian School shooter or mass terrorist might fit the bill though, be they Muslim, Christian, Wiccan,Hindu, or Atheist.

Keep your witches as straight as your there's and theirs, and your read and read. Every use of witch does NOT equal KJV mass terrorist level Witch.

Quit worrying about Wiccans and figure out who caused MAN MADE COVID.

There's a witch that's done malicious evil like the Bible meant.
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