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CDAN Blind: The Truth Re How the Music Industry Really Works, 2 Worlds --A or B

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United States
10/16/2018 05:46 PM
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CDAN Blind: The Truth Re How the Music Industry Really Works, 2 Worlds --A or B
[link to www.crazydaysandnights.net]

Today's Blind Items - Two Worlds

There is an interesting dynamic going on in the music world right now. Sick and disgusting, but interesting in how it divides.

Apparently if you are a follower of this one named permanent A list singer, and by a follower, I mean attend his parties, work with his producers and guest talent, then that means you are more of a lover of underage boys.

This whole group is dedicated to finding young male talent and then "developing" them. Yes, that A list singer was one of them. He, in turn has brought them several others.

The other group, led by this foreign born one named permanent A list singer generally tends to attract followers who like finding and "developing" underage females.

They like to model themselves after R. Kelly and his "development" of Aaliyah.

They are all about getting these teens under their control both sexually and musically. They even informally call their group LMK after the song Let Me Know which featured R. Kelly and Aaliyah. You will often see it written on their shoes to let people know they are a member of that group.

Informative Comments follow:

Usher and ??

The first one is Usher


Are we calling Drake permanent A list now?!?!

IF the permanent A lister is Usher then the other A lister is Justin Bieber.

Is there some kind of competition going between the two groups? I hope not!

Seal isn't permanent A I hope, not Nelly I think for #2

Usher and Drake?

God I hope CDAN hasn't ordained Drake to legendary status (which should be what permanent A list signifies)
What about Chris Brown? Did he ever work under Usher's people too?

I swear I've seen CDAN refer to R. Kelly as A List before but that may not be the one he means for the second group. I do not think it's Drake or Bono.

What about Akon for the other one name singer - he's been a star since 2004 ("Locked Up").

I could be way off but foreign born permanent A list singer immediately made me think of Sting

Don't think Nelly or Akon have the means to produce anything. Game perhaps for the girls. I hope Usher is not the other one. But it appears it is.

Agree with Usher for the first one. Thought of Pitbull or Akon for the other singers but they were born in the US. Shaggy is touring with Sting but don’t think he’s permanent A list.

Usher or his protege Bieber with Drake as foreign born. Yes Drake gets perm A status after over a decade of hits and no sign of him losing popularity. Eminem gets the same status as does the female trio Bey, Ri-Ri and Swift.

Drake is HUGE in the UK also so therefore he must be A list. Not to my music taste at all but there you go. Usher and Drake. Usher really fucked up Bieber.

Usher and Drake

Drake is straight and also a pedo!

What about Pitbull for the second one?


Lil Bow Wow

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