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Subject Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his blue neckties
Poster Handle Katla42
Post Content
We know that red and blue are the colors of the Illuminati.

Frequently, President Trump and Vice-President Pence wear red neckties and blue neckties. This suggests that they are part of the Illuminati.

Well, in recent months, Judge Brett Kavanaugh frequently wore a blue necktie. This suggests that he, too, is part of the Illuminati.

But why should it be surprising that Kavanaugh is one of the Illuminati? After all, Kavanaugh supports the Patriot Act and warrantless governmental surveillance.

Now, some people say that it was the Illuminati that tried to derail Kavanaugh's nomination with the phony testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. The Illuminati's involvement with Dr. Ford somehow proves that the Illuminati is against Kavanaugh.

But I believe that the Illuminati's intention all along was to have Brett Kavanaugh confirmed. So, why did the Illuminati hire Dr. Ford to smear Kavanaugh? Because the smear campaign served the Illuminati's goal of dividing even further, an America that was already heavily divided. The smear campaign divided America on the issue of sexual-assault allegations.

Thus, the Illluminati have their cake and eat it, too: A supporter of the Patriot Act and warrantless surveillance is confirmed to the Supreme Court, and America is further divided.
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