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radiOrbit tonight: Marine Biologist Dr. Michael Hyson

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United States
10/22/2018 03:58 PM
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radiOrbit tonight: Marine Biologist Dr. Michael Hyson
Join me tonight at 11 pm CDT for radiOrbit...

My guest will be Marine Biologist Dr. Michael Hyson

We'll talk about dolphins, whales, intelligence and communication and space travel...

Plus space weather, some news, a 55 year old message from Dr. Timothy Leary...

And the music of Andrew Ryan throughout the program...
[link to www.andrewryan.net]

89.5FM KOPN, Columbia, MO USA
And streaming at www.kopn.org

Michael Hyson, Ph.D - Bop
[link to www.planetpuna.com]

A Phenomenon Discovered While Imaging Dolphin Echolocation Sounds
[link to www.omicsonline.org (secure)]

The Cetacean Commonwealth
[link to www.planetpuna.com]

Planet Puna and The Sirius Institute
[link to www.planetpuna.com]

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