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Message Subject "2007" - Rapture Between June 21 And September 21
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
why would god give man freewill just to punish him for exercising it: oh god you're one cruel bastard LOL

the same reason you correct your own children when they misbehave, is this concept so foreign to you?

and when you grow up and become an individual you have no need for parents ,so whats the point

just like a child you refuse to take responsibility, you have a need to be 'rewarded' for being good.
 Quoting: Starless (redux)

I appreciate my parents, I love my God, I am me, an individual and I have no need of approval from anyone but him because his approval means everything, this construct you inhabit was ceated by him and for him. I have no need to be rewarded, I appreciate him for what he is and what he does. He loves you, yet you honor him not, fall on your face and worship him.
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