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LIST: Current DNC/DeepState Fails & Any Last Hope For Libtards

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10/25/2018 05:15 PM

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LIST: Current DNC/DeepState Fails & Any Last Hope For Libtards
•Russian Collusion... failed. (Told on THEMSELVES, and revealed THEIR OWN collusion as it was and knew by them from the beginning.)


•Racist rhetoric.. failed. (Proved themselves racist and bigots)

•"Alt right" terrorist, I mean.. paid actors trained, and ready-built from scratch from the ground up by DNC members themselves to create FF's and other negative situations to degrade Trump, his supporters and to try to unlawfully, unconstitutionallly, and sinfully, take away our rights.

•Self-planted, fake bombs sent from DNC members themselves ($°r°$ & Killary) to their obviously expendable lib-sick bestttties... failed.

•Swaying the majority of the black vote in libtard favor, and re-implementing and re-brainwashing any/all minority Trump supporters back to NWO programming... SUPER failed. (#walkaway)

•Twitter/FB/Social Media BAN and PURGE of hundreds of conservative, and truth movement voices... failed.

•Mainstream news coverage of libtard's feelings being hurt from words and memes being fired and "initiated" from so called, "Trump's Internet Gangstas" as tactic to prove Trump "violent", unworthy, and riot provoking... failed.

•Slander, and execution of character of Da Pimp Masta... AKA Kavanaugh, for simply maccin' all da fine azz hoes in da 80's... failed.

•Caravan coming to USA of possible up to 50-80,000 illegal aliens... failed. (Still in progress, but im psychic... believe me, FAILED)

I'll add to the original list if anyone else has any godlike, amazing fails of the continually failing DNC, Libtards, and Deep State.

Let's see and hear what your family, our people, many brothers and sisters, and all of those few and between alike ourselves have done to keep us safe and protected from these evil that has tried, and continues to make it near the souls of our people...


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God bless and godspeed my friends!