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Message Subject Question for Christians: Shouldn't we be voting Dem in order to hasten the coming of the rapture?
Poster Handle The Dr.
Post Content
Just wondering what the prevalent opinions were on this one.
 Quoting: Jack the Hun

Your vote changes nothing. God has already set the date of the Rapture and nothing can change that.
Certain events must occur first. Prophecy is self fulfilling and can not be rushed.

Besides we are a long way from the Tribulation period, at least 10 years and probably close to 15 years and there is no Pre Trib Rapture.

What people are seeing is the, End of the Age of the Gentiles ( Western Nation's), World Dominance. Which must occur in order for the End Times to begin.
It will mean the end of Society as we know it, as well as most of our modern technology.

This allows Prophecy like Ezekiel 39 (Notice verse 9 ,,Israel burning the weapons of war as firewood for 7 years.) to be fulfilled as it is written.
Now these weapons are specifically listed:"the bucklers and shields, the bows and arrows, the clubs and spears."
Notice the lack of technology in these weapons and no, it is not "symbolic" of today's weaponry, but giving an exact description of the weapons.
Since Scripture never lies....... no modern war technology, which along with "burning them as firewood", implies no other modern technology either.
Since natural gas, propane and electricity are the normal sources used for heating and cooking, not wood.

So there is an Apocalypse coming soon, but it is not the Tribulation period( not yet), but it may seem like it is the Tribulation period to some people,
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